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Fitness Blog Training

How to Cash in on New Year’s Resolutions

This is your roadmap on how to target with laser focus, all the people needing help with their New Year Fitness resolutions.


In the space of 48 hours I managed to make $190 for about 10 minutes work and this will continue to grow and then skyrocket during the New Year.


This course is absolute gold and has re-educated me on how I should be targeting potential customers.


I wish I knew this strategy 6 months ago, who knows how much more money I could have made on cruise control.


In Chapter 1 of the course, Matt gives you a step-by-step process map for finding the best targeted audience ..


Here is the process in a nutshell ..


1. Select an interest using the Graph search


2. Input main interest into the Audience Insights tool (AI Tool)


3. Use the like section data to pin-point sub-interests to re-insert into the AI tool .. based on Matt’s awesome method! (chapter 1, video 3)


Matt also goes on to show you how to segment your ads for a huge audience .. (chapter 2, video 2)


.. he uses a simple but genius method to breaking up the ads to immediately spot which ones are working!


.. with only a $5/day ad spend per ad set!


HINT: it’s based on platform, gender, and age!


Also, his methods can be used for ANYTHING, not just t-shirts, but for any product in any niche!


Watch his video here


I especially LOVE Chapter 3 !!


… because he reveals a bunch of tips for getting winning campaigns, which are simply awesome!


I really love his idea on how to use an exclusion audience to drive down your ad display frequency!


.. which basically means, you are saving more money on your ads, and getting more new fresh clicks to your campaigns! (Chapter 3, video 1)


Plus .. he shows you how to use that same audience to rock out profitable re-targeting campaigns! (Chapter 3, video 2)


And, it’s VERY simple .. once you see it, you will say to yourself ..”wow, that’s just genius!”


Yep, this course is “genius”


Another awesome tip was how to effectively use a look-a-like audience .. that actually WORKS! (Chapter 3, video 3)


Trust me, I’ve tried using them, and failed big time!


Only because I really didn’t know what I was doing, but after watching video 3 of Chapter 3, I now have the “secret sauce” to using lookalike audiences!


HINT: You need to create your look-a-like audience based from sales of your products! .. and set one more thing in your ad to get this working perfectly!


.. so, if you are interested in learning his awesome “genius” ideas for targeting on Facbeook, then I recommend grabbing it ASAP ..


Get it here


Again, there are NO upslls, NO down-sells, and NO cross-sells ..


.. you simply pay a one-time fee of $47 for his video training course .. and it’s worth every penny!!


If you want to make a comfortable living working part-time, then it’s time to sign up to my Ninja Group.


Join my FREE Ninja Group here: Click Here


Visual Impact Frequency Training Strategy


Today I want to share a video with you showing the exact strategy that I am going to use to market Rusty’s newest product Visual Impact Frequency Training.

I’m holding nothing back, you will see the exact tools that I use, the backend of all my sites, aweber and Facebook accounts. I am also giving you all an opportunity to join my Ninja Group to show you how I make a living only working part-time. Enjoy – Niko



Visual Impact Frequency Training Launch Page: Click Here

Aweber Sign-up: Click Here

Instabuilder Sign-up: Click Here (If you are going to join my Ninja Group I recommend the multi-license because you will need it)

Join my FREE Ninja Group here: Click Here



If you have any questions make sure you drop a comment below.

Updated screenshot on today’s date in response to the emails I got accusing me of photoshopping the above income image. If this doesn’t inspire you to take action then I don’t know what will. You can join my >> Ninja Group Here <<


Facebook Automation


For this session I am going to show you how to get massive ORGANIC growth on your Facebook page on autopilot.


Seriously guys this is ninja stuff, if anyone is getting more organic growth than this on their page, I want to pay them for coaching.

This strategy is not only growing my page, it is also resulting in affiliate sales, amazon commissions, adsense revenue, teespring sales and a huge amount of signups to my list.

I use multiple tools to achieve these results but the most important is FPTraffic, which I run through in the video. You can signup to it by CLICKING HERE ==>>

If you have any questions make sure you drop a comment below.


For this session I am going to show you how to make money designing and selling your own shirts, like these cool ones:


This is all done through a new crowd funded service called Teespring. Some guys I know are making 10k a week selling only shirts on their sites and Facebook pages. Watch the video to learn how to get your own campaign started:

I forgot to mention in the video to hide your previous posts from your timeline once you post your new ones. You don’t want new fans coming to the page and it looking like your pushing products onto them. I am also going to be posting the shirts to my blog and making an ad for them which will also appear on my blog.

Also, if you want to add more styles of clothing to the campaign all you need to do is email and tell them what you want to add.

I will post a second vid with everything else that I did and the end result of the campaign.

This the link to set up an account with Teespring

and this is the link to my campaign No Excuse Fitness

Setting Up Facebook Advertising

Ok, for my first training video, I am going to show you how I set up Facebook ads for myself and for my clients to achieve results like this:

This was achieved in only 7 days!

This was achieved in only 7 days!

This training might be a little bit basic for some of the members of the group, but what I have found from the emails and messages that I have been getting is that everyone is at a different point in their online careers. So I thought the best path would be to start of basic and level up with each video.

The basic premise of this type of advertising is to gain likes, and as such build a community. Very rarely will you be able to simply sell products, offers or services by simply running ads to a landing/squeeze page. Build your page using this strategy, treat them as your online family, provide content, advice and motivation to them. By doing this you will gain their trust and in turn they will be more likely to purchase what you reccomend to them or sign up to your list. Always provide something of value to your fans first, monetize the page second.

Here is the link to the Crazy CTR software that I used: Crazy CTR


Introducing Niko

Hi all, just a quick post to let you all know that FITNESS BLOG TRAINING is back!


My name is Dan ‘Niko’Nikas, and after following Rusty’s advice for years I have finally been able to quit my day job and earn an income solely from online work.

Given that Fitness Blog Trainer was a big part of my initial education when I got into this online gig, I decided to approach Rusty and see if I could give back to the community that helped me so much.

Rusty thought that it was a great idea and has agreed to let me pass on tips, advice and ninja tricks that I use to make a living online.

I decided to make a short video to let you know who I am and what I am all about (I just watched my video back and I almost put myself to sleep, trust me I will improve!)

Here are the links to my sites and online assets that I mentioned in the video. Feel free to drop a comment below to let me know what you would be interested in learning about.

No Excuse Fitness – Facebook

No Excuse Fitness – Twitter

No Excuse Fitness – Website

The Social Media Mechanic – Website

See you next week


Facebook Notes + FB Embedded Videos = Email List? Cool Strategy!

So I said “Goodbye” a few months ago, but I figured I would share new findings from time to time. I recorded a video of a new model I’m thinking will crush it in 2013 (and beyond). It involves using Facebook Notes + Embedded video on Facebook to build a profitable email list. Here’s the video:

The recommended tool: Post Magic Pre-Launch (Discount Link)

Note: There are details on how to get this for free by signing as a free affiliate, etc. I know money is tight for some of you, so this is an option. Another option is just to build a list from Facebook Notes.

The Facebook Affiliate Niche Page Mind Map

This won’t be pretty :) I haven’t made many mind-maps, so don’t judge this model by the graphics I threw together. Click the image to see a larger, clearer version.


…a brief explanation of the mind-map & business model.

  • Create a Facebook Fan Page around a niche: example Kettlebell Training
  • Do a keyword search to find topics to rank for: Ketllebell Workouts at Home, Kettlebell Workouts for Fat Loss, etc.
  • Write Facebook Notes about each topic with call to action or opt-in at bottom.
  • Aggressive Link Building…Link Emperor (High End) -or- Penny Backlinks (Cheaper). There are others that work well but require a lot more hands-on effort.
  • Post high quality videos and get the opt-in right from people’s newsfeed using: Post Magic
  • Promote the videos using FB Ads. Choose “Promote Page Posts” —> Pick your video post from the drop down —> Chose your audience —> Bid either CPC or CPM maybe start with just $5-$10 per day.
  • Create a killer “story style” followup like Andre teaches in ARM.
  • In some of the emails drive people back to FB Notes.
  • In some of your emails recommend a useful product that you genuinely believe in…as an affiliate.

Tip: Some of your notes are going to have light recommendations of affiliate products. You are going to want to drive the people from your email list to those notes. Make sure those notes offer great info on their own, but also recommend a really soild product.

Again…the list building will happen from FB Notes as well as the Post Magic tool. Don’t underestimate the power of building a list and driving them back to Facebook. As long as the notes are helpful, you will make sales on a regular basis from each note.


I knew this day would come. I started this low-tech looking blog in Spring of 2010. I have been posting on and off during that time, showing you guys what is working now…in reality, not just in theory.

…but today marks the last post of the blog. I made a video for you guys.

I will also leave you with one of my favorite movie clips of all time. IF I was a High School teacher, I would make all my kids watch this movie.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles today
To-morrow will be dying.
The glorious lamp of Heaven, the sun,
The higher he’s a-getting,
The sooner will his race be run.
And nearer he’s to setting.
That age is best which is the first,
When youth and blood are warmer;
But being spent, the worse, and worst
Times still succeed the former.
Then be not coy, but use your time,
And while ye may, go marry:
For having lost but once your prime,
You may for ever tarry.

Seize the Day :)


Amazon Kindle Marketing for List Building (videos)

This is an seriously epic guest post by Derek Doepker of Excuse Proof Fitness on how to quickly create books and get them up on Kindle. He covers pretty much everything you need to do to write a book in OpenOffice and painlessly get it into the Kindle Marketplace. My favorite part of the videos shows how to get opt-ins on your list…even if people don’t buy your book. Golden stuff Derek…Thanks!



Open Office

Guide To Kindle Formatting

Fiverr Kindle Formatting


Sign up at:

KDP Select is optional, but necessary if a person wants to run the free promos. Must be exclusive to amazon in digital format.

Sign up guide at:

This guide is mostly for people enrolled in KDP Select, which is free to join but people cannot have their ebook anywhere else on the internet (print copies are fine elsewhere). 5 free promotion days are given every 90 days for KDP select members.

Promoting free-promo days:

Sign up for free membership at: has a page with most of the major sites to submit book to for its free promo days.,42.0.html is a forum for promoting kindle books

Press Releases: (paid) (free)

Press release submission (mostly for backlinks)

Recommended Guides:

These are some great guides that will give a person a lot more in-depth info than what I provided. They have affiliate links so feel free to delete the affiliate tags or insert your own.

The Kindle Publishing Bible – My #1 pick for learning how to title, tag, and keyword optimize a book listing. More info on choosing the right categories, running promotions, and selling the maximum amount of books.

Make A Killing On Kindle – The first book I picked up that explained a lot about the process of uploading, keyword research, etc. Some good tips, but I’ve found Kindle Publishing Bible a little more helpful. May help fill in the gaps if a person wants to check it out.

The next one is probably a bit much for most fitness blog training members, but some may find it worthwhile.

Kindling Kindle Training – I do NOT recommend this to someone just looking to publish on kindle as a supplemental thing unless they’re really serious about making this more of a business. It would be total overkill for most. A person just looking to publish a book or two as a supplement to their blog will likely get what they need to know from free guides and inexpensive kindle guides. That being said, it covers a ton of ground and is like an encyclopedia for kindle pubishing in both non-fiction and fiction. It’s for people who want to know just about everything. (I’d still recommend the Kindle Publishing Bible though as it had some unique tips)

Cover Creation:

Covers are worth spending as much money on as it takes to make it look professional. Covers make or break sales. I can post a video about what I did to create my own cover if you want. People can contact me if they’d like a basic cover made similar to mine. Here are the resources I’ve found for paid covers:

Fiverr: Cheap, but gets the job done on a budget.

High end services:

Have people compete to make a cover design:

You guys can reach me with any questions at this email:

Getting Free Traffic – If I Was Starting from Scratch Today

Don’t let anyone convince you that there isn’t any way to get free traffic. I’m going to teach you a method that I think will give you massive amounts of free traffic if you work it hard. I honestly think that this little blueprint could be a game changer for those who follow it. Don’t underestimate the simplicity.

Here’s how I went full time (doesn’t work anymore):

  1. Wrote a few blog posts per week.
  2. Wrote 1 article per week and put it on
  3. Funneled traffic from Google to EZA to my blog and lead capture page.

I did other things, but 80% of my traffic was built upon this foundation. If I could go back in time, I would scrap the “other things” and would have written 700 articles instead of 70. My guess is that I would have one of the largest lists in the fitness niche if I would have done so.

 What Works today? Youtube!

I’m going to explain to you how I would use Youtube like an article site. If you think of Youtube as an article site…my guess is that you will dominate. See what I mean by that in the next 3 videos.

Youtube Traffic Strategy Part 1:


Youtube Traffic Strategy Part 2:


Youtube Traffic Strategy Part 3:

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NEW Affiliate Banners!
I hired out a couple different graphic designers to create a bunch of new affiliate banners.

Here is a preview of one I just had designed. I had this made in a bunch of different sizes...

I'm buying high-end stock images with really attractive men and women. They will all be stylish.

Click here to get all of the codes for the new Women's Banners

And Yavor of "Relative Strength Advantage" created a new men's banner that looks cool and has the same feel as the woman's banner above. Here it is.

Click here to get all of the codes for the Men's Banners -Rusty